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War, Peace, and Revolution
Images and Songs? 
26th-Jun-2006 11:18 pm
Recently I nabbed a meme that I thought was particually neat, as I am obsessed with music and constantly creating mini soundtracks for my favorite pairings and for my RPs. The meme is as follows:

Comment with the name of a character in one of my fandoms, and I'll post you an instant mini-fanmix: 3-5 songs that remind me of that character. Pairings also acceptable, but preferably pairings you know I like and ship. I may or may not upload the songs, depending on my connection, but I will probably quote you some lyrics.

Now, if you want to poke me personally about said meme, I welcome you to scoot right over to this entry on my journal. However, for this community I thought it might be fun to question people about the Gundam Wing characters specifically. How about it? What songs do you hear that always make you think of a certain character or pairing?
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