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[FIC] Hammer and Nail (2x1) 
10th-Jul-2006 07:25 pm
FMA - Lust - Wicked
Title: Hammer and Nail
Author: WickedGame
Archive: No Rest for the Wicked, my LJ
Rating: NC-17 or X
Genre: Unrepentant PWP
Pairing: 2x1 (or 1=2 depending on ML or community)
Warnings: Dirty talk, PWP, lemon
Notes: Written for adaina who longed for new 1=2 smut. Beta read by triowing.

With a hammer and a box of nails in his hand, Heero Yuy exited the sliding glass door in his backyard and marched toward the broken redwood fence. The new boards were already on the ground and Heero looked once again at the damage a freak summer storm had left only a few days ago. It was only about six boards, but it would be at least a couple of hours worth of work to tear out what was left of the old boards and put in the new ones.

Heero could see the shimmering pool that belonged to the neighbors. This neighborhood mainly consisted of college kids like him sharing homes because the dorms at school were so crowded. He wasn’t lucky enough to be sharing a house with a pool. There was a pretty nice patio, but not a pool.

He knew who lived over in the next house, too: Duo Maxwell and his cohorts. It wasn’t that Duo was all that well known or anything. It was just… Duo Maxwell was this gorgeous man that Heero had been salivating over since the first day he had shown up here. That was about a month ago. He had gotten there ahead of his housemates, because he liked the privacy while he unpacked and such. But Duo had friends that always seemed to be around and Heero had never even worked up the courage to say more than ‘hello’ in passing.

Heero crouched down and used the back of the hammer to start prying out the rusty nails. The old, broken boards went into a pile about five feet away. They would make good firewood for someone, he was sure. The rusty nails went into an old coffee can he had found in the garage. It was only eleven in the morning and he was already sweating buckets. He could feel that his shirt was sticking to his back, and he broke his rhythm to slip it over his head and tossed it over his shoulder. His skin glinted in the light and he worked dutifully until he had all the nails and broken boards out. He ran inside, and grabbed a bottle of water and chugged it down. Then he put some sunscreen on his shoulders, chest and arms before going back outside.

He lined up the first board and held a shiny new nail in his fingers. He positioned it carefully, and then began the firm tapping that would drive the nail carefully into the wood. He had two nails in when he heard the sliding glass doors next door open and saw Duo Maxwell step out into the light.

Long, slim legs. Gorgeously slim hips. Tiny, blue swimming shorts. A tanned chest without a shirt. The hair was down – that was something new. The sunglasses came off the face, and were set on a small table. Duo’s whole body literally shone with evidence of suntan lotion, and Heero swallowed hard when that body climbed the diving board and the arms stretched into the air. His whole body was just so … damned hot.

Then Duo was arcing into the air and his body was slicing through the water. Someone had once told him that Duo had been a competition swimmer in high school and he briefly wondered if it was true. Duo certainly swam fast.

He turned his attention back to the matter at hand, which was getting this board in. He put another nail in the top and then started on the bottom. He finished that first board while Duo was swimming laps. He lined up the second board and lined up the first nail. Just as he was about to drive the nail in Duo stepped out of the pool, and Heero caught a glimpse of his perfect little ass that was dripping water and that hair was clinging to his body and …

“Fuck! Ow!” Heero yelped as the hammer landed on his finger instead of the nail. “Shit!” He bit his lip, and held onto the injured finger for a moment before grabbing the hammer and flinging it across the yard. He started to mutter about a day of work wasted, because now his finger was swollen and bleeding around the nail, and he was pretty sure his left hand was now useless.

“Hey, are you okay, Heero?” Ah, damn it all to hell, this is just what he needed now- to have Duo see him like this. Wow, Duo knew his name? He looked up, and Duo was standing there with a hand outstretched. He was still dripping water, and this close Heero could see how hardened Duo’s nipples were from the cold pool water. Heero took the proffered hand with his good one and stood up.

“Oh, I’ll be okay eventually. I’m just pretty sure I win the ‘klutz of the month’ award, though.” Heero tried to smile and ended up grimacing. Duo looked at the injury and sighed.

“Come with me. I have some first aid stuff, and you don’t have the two hands needed to bandage this.” Duo pulled him through the fence, and he followed until they were inside and Duo was pulling him towards the back of the house. “Bathroom’s this way.”

Heero followed without question, and then found that he was being pushed down onto a closed toilet lid. Duo started to open cabinets and drawers until he came across everything he wanted.

“What’s the diagnosis, Doctor Maxwell?” Heero asked jokingly.

“Hmm. A really bad ouchie.” Heero laughed despite the pain in his hand, and Duo grinned wryly at him. “Stand up, please.”

Heero stood, and Duo stood behind him at the sink. Heero found that Duo was forcing him to put his hand under the cold tap, and Heero hissed as the wound was washed. Duo’s fingers were infinitely gentle and Heero hoped to hell that he didn’t start to have unwelcome reactions, since Duo’s pelvis was pressed into his ass. Even an injured Heero could feel that Duo fit so well right up against him like this. Heero shook his head to clear his thoughts. Then Duo shifted so that he could grab the soap, and Heero had to bite back a moan at the delicious friction.

“You okay?” Duo asked Heero, looking at his face in the mirror.

“F-fine,” Heero gasped out. Duo was massaging his fingers with the slick soap, and between the pain of the wound and Duo rubbing against his ass, Heero didn’t know how long he was going to be able to stand up straight.

Then his wound was being rinsed, and he was being sat back down on the toilet lid. Duo dried his wound carefully but thoroughly, and then put some antibiotic cream on his finger. Working silently, he cut some gauze and wrapped the finger up. Then he taped it, and Heero looked at the white wrapped finger with some regret. “Should’ve been paying more attention to what I was doing.” He forgot who was in the room for a moment.

“What were you paying attention to, then?” Duo asked as he put supplies away.

“Nothing!” Heero said quickly and Duo laughed.

“You have a sunburn. I think I should put some aloe vera on that. Can I get you to come into my room and lie down on the bed?” Heero nearly choked but nodded at the last minute. He followed Duo out of the room and further down the hallway. Duo’s bedroom was paneled in whitewashed wood, and the light maple flooring gave it an almost ‘beach-y’ feel. The queen-sized bed sported white sheets, a fluffy white comforter and a plethora of blue and white pillows.

“Ah, don’t blame me for the room- Hilde did that.”

Heero furrowed his brow, “Hilde?”

“Yeah, my sister. Or I guess we could call her my sister. We’ve been friends since we were kids. She took one look at the way I had this place, and decided it needed to look more, what did she say…. inviting. She said it looked too much like a boy’s room, and would never get me any ass.” Duo smirked as he patted the bed. “Lay down, now. On your stomach, please.”

Heero wanted to pinch himself just to prove he was not dreaming. This was not happening, was it? “You know, you don’t have to do this. I’m sure it’s fine…”

“And I’m sure your back is just a little too red. On your stomach, please?”

With those eyes and that hair, Heero was pretty sure no one denied Duo Maxwell anything. He got up on the soft bed and lay down on his stomach. Duo left the room and then came back. Heero grunted softly as Duo’s slight weight settled on his thighs, and rolled his eyes as he realized that turning over on his back would not be such a good thing right now, because then Duo would be straddling something Heero was desperately trying to get rid of.

Heero heard Duo shake the bottle and then squirt a generous amount of the gel onto his hands. The gel was freezing cold on his skin as Duo started to rub, and he hissed from the contrasting feeling of cold aloe vera and heated skin.

“How did you get it to be so cold?” Heero asked.

“I keep it in the fridge. Feels good, right?”

Heero was sure that Duo didn’t want to know that it was the touch of his hands and the weight of his body that felt so good. “Yeah, it feels great.”

Duo hummed quietly as he rubbed the aloe vera into Heero’s shoulders and worked his way down the back until he hit the waistband. Heero bit his tongue as Duo’s hands worked slightly under the waistband and then came back out.

“Okay, if you want to flip over, I can do your front now.”

Those words registered in Heero’s head, and he froze. How could he get out of this without letting Duo see what was a definite erection? “I think the front’s fine. I actually think I had better get back to work now. Thanks so much for your help…” Heero sat up so he was facing away from Duo and stood up carefully to walk away. A hand on his arm stopped him.

“No, I think there is some definite redness, and maybe even some swelling on the front. I think you definitely need my…. attention.” Heero closed his eyes and repressed a groan at the husky tone to Duo’s voice, and then he felt Duo’s warm body behind his. “Heero, you gave away how you felt at least a million little times between the time you hit your finger and now.”

Heero internally cursed, and then audibly moaned as a hand snaked its way into his shorts and expertly grasped his firm erection.

“Good lord, if I knew you were going to feel this nice in my hand, I would’ve hit on you long before now!” Duo sucked on Heero’s earlobe and then kissed his neck. “Back to the bed with you. On your back, please.”

Heero didn’t protest as he was led back to the bed, and only looked glazed as Duo locked the door and crawled back up on the bed to join him.

“These hafta go,” Duo murmured as he pulled down Heero’s shorts and tossed them aside. Heero watched Duo’s eyes widen as his erection was let loose, and then moaned as Duo licked his lips. Heero seemed to remember that he had hands and arms, and pulled Duo down to kiss him.

His lips met Duo’s in a hot kiss, lips smashing together and tongues dueling as they devoured each other. Heero wasn’t sure how Duo ended up on top of him, but he liked it, and he rubbed his hips against Duo’s in appreciation.

“I want to taste you,” Duo said softly, as he kissed his way down Heero’s neck and throat, onto his chest and down to his stomach. Heero watched with interest as Duo kissed and licked his way past his engorged cock and down to his thighs.

Heero wanted Duo to touch him, to play with him, to taste him. He opened his thighs, and spread them so that Duo could settle between them. Duo licked the pale skin on the insides of his thighs, and then wrapped a hand around Heero’s shaft. He pumped it lightly and lazily as he used his soft tongue to lick Heero’s balls.

Heero thought he would come just from that feeling alone, the feeling of Duo using his mouth on him like that. But when Duo removed his hand from his dick and replaced it with his mouth, Heero arched up and moaned appreciatively. It was wet, it was hot, and it was so damned tight from the sucking…

Heero looked down and his eyes met Duo’s: those amazing violet eyes that were now clouded with lust as he sucked eagerly on Heero’s cock.

“Duo! I- God!” Heero could feel his release coming, and then felt it wane slightly when Duo removed his mouth and moved up to kiss him again. Heero tasted sweat and salt on Duo’s tongue, and he tangled his hands in Duo’s hair to devour him once again.

“Heero?” Duo was using his tongue to trace the shell of Heero’s ear.

“Yeah?” Heero panted, surprised he could even say that one word.

“Let me fuck you…”

Heero nodded and Duo smiled. He reached into the drawer of his nightstand and pulled out a tube of lubricant. Then he hurriedly removed his swimsuit and tossed it aside. He settled himself between Heero’s thighs once again, and kissed him deeply before squirting some of the lube onto his fingers. Heero grabbed his knees and pulled up and back, exposing himself to Duo. Duo smiled and used a finger to circle around Heero’s asshole.

“I think you want this a little too much,” Duo murmured, sounding amused as he easily slid one finger into Heero.

“Lots of practice. It seems someone has been making me masturbate a little too much,” Heero moaned as he eagerly moved on the finger, giving Duo the courage to quickly insert another finger before he usually would.

“Tell me,” Duo whispered as he moved his slick fingers in and out of the puckering hole.

“I have a dildo,” Heero confessed quietly as he allowed Duo to stretch him even more. The pleasure of having his fingers inside was great. Duo slid in a third finger and moved them together, finger fucking Heero’s ass with vigor.

“Tell me more.”


Duo’s fingers stilled. “Tell me more.”

“I’ve wanted you since the day you moved in. I….I think of you when I masturbate….I think about you a lot. You’re the reason I hit my finger. I was watching your ass instead of paying attention….” Heero wasn’t too aware of what he was saying. All he knew was pleasure as Duo struck all the right chords within his body, and then the fingers were gone and Heero was whimpering.

“I’ll tell you some things…” Duo slicked up his shaft and head with lube and used his hand to position himself correctly. He sure hoped Heero was as eager and lubricated as he thought he was. He thrust in and popped right through Heero’s anal ring. Heero moaned loudly, and Duo cursed as he began to move quickly.

“God damn, you feel so good, Heero! Fuck! I jack off thinkin’ about your mouth and your ass- do you know that? Every time I see you, I just want to throw you down and fuck you. This is so much better than that. God!”

Heero only replied by lifting his ass higher so that Duo could change the angle. Duo grabbed onto his hips and held him there, fucking him unbelievably hard. Heero knew he wouldn’t be able to walk after this, but damned if he didn’t give a shit. He braced himself against the head of the bed, and let Duo pound into him. It was better than he had ever imagined and he started to gasp as he felt his release spiral out of control.

“Duo! God! Fuck!” Heero gasped loudly as white-hot semen spurted from his cock and landed on his chest and belly. Duo seemed to grow slower for a minute before speeding back up, and finally throwing his head back as he filled Heero with his own seed. Heero felt the warmth spread within him and he smiled at the feeling. Duo was panting as he carefully withdrew from Heero, mindful of the soreness that would soon take over and collapsed half on top of his sated playmate. He took his fingers and swiped at the puddles of semen that had gathered on Heero’s chest. He sucked his fingers clean time and again as he tasted Heero’s seed, and smacked his lips appreciatively.

“Are you okay?”

Heero opened his eyes slightly and smiled softly. “Wonderful.”

“Do you wanna get cleaned up?”

“Do you?”

Duo smirked and opened his nightstand. Heero’s brow furrowed in thought, “Baby wipes?”

“Clean up made easy.” Duo wiped Heero chest and stomach down and then wiped his own soft cock and balls down. Then he used another cloth to wipe between Heero’s legs before tossing it all in the wastebasket. Then he removed the comforter and pulled up the sheet. Heero moved when he was told to move, and laid back down when Duo told him to. Then he found himself ensconced in a sheet and surrounded by a very satisfied Duo Maxwell.

“And to think, all this time and we only ever said hello to each other.”

Heero kissed the top of Duo’s head and sighed. “So many wasted nights.”

“You know, I came out to swim today, because I saw you out there hammering. All those muscles, and that glowing skin…”

“So I have you to blame for this damned injury?” Heero gestured with his hurt hand.

“Well, I made up for it, don’t you think?” Duo purred.

-The End-

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