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Fandom is much like an endless waltz.

War, Peace, and Revolution

GW Standards
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In progress.

To be: A community for all the Gundam Wing fans who have had to closet themselves away due to the current lack of fandom - or at least good fandom. For all you lovilies, we would like to present a community with something new: standards! It is our hope to bring to you a forum where goodfic can be posted and recced, icons and fanart may be displayed, and where fans can engage in civil and intelligent discussions and debate.

The rules will be basic but clear.

1) All applications for membership will be approved from the mods. You are free to express your own opinion, but remember that so is everyone else. Please conduct yourself at all times in a respectful manner. More graceful Gundam fans, more graceful.

2) All works must be tucked away behind a cut. This is for the sanity of everyone's friend's lists. They must also be given the appropriate rating/label.
     a) Fics: Strive to use proper grammer and avoid fangirl Japanese. Standards after all.

3) This community is friendly to yaoi/yuri AND het. Deal with it.

In order to maintain the intergrity of this community, all members must be required to uphold these rules. Most important is that we treat each other respectfully, even if we don't agree. To that end, violation of this (eg. bitching, catfighting) will not be tolerated. You will be warned and if you continue, I am willing to play Colonol Une to your General Septem. In other words, you will be removed.

Welcome to gw_standards! Please come in and enjoy yourselves! We love and promote variety and will strive to hold ourselves to the highest standards of fandom. Please do contact your mods if you have any questions:

Ish - brightish@gmail.com
Ara - sarmscot@yahoo.com

And again, welcome!